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Something Awful

2012-10-27 22:17:59 by Spark062

Stop haunting my undug grave
or nothing will save your fevered life
from a mountain far away
i scream for a way to the beganing of the past

I dont remember these dripping walls
covered in cold afterbirth that regrets it
in the end nitemares are more then they seem
a carrier to throw your mind to the pits

a leppers curse as it cycles down
stop the trying to pretend your free
with your troubles and theroies
about how you forgot the way to see
eyes are now milky white
mouths filled with a dying might
as the sun burns the ozone away
everything that may have come to stay

Keep this carcass away from the light
Empty it of all its useless organs
and play the keys like you would me
and watch it above struggle from under

paint these walls a tragic red
and pull it with a child like dignity
let the world know you were never kidding
and lose the race because we all die lonely

ashs fall slowly
like confetti at a party
watching this blaze
i understand insanity
a padded room just for me
wont stop the kittens call
I have to show these people
that their mighty kings will fall

i live in a made up world
that i designed for a wandering blind
and as i hit the wall with one more run
the light of unlocked leaves my mind behind

I beg for another eclipse
so i could feel the darkness
and the frozen terrible feeling
of falling into absolute nothingness
Deeper into my mind we spiral
Fear is understandable and you may become
a part of a piece of this laybarinth
that you find yourself in

a mirror stands with a world behind
were nothing bad happins inside
Ill break my way in
And find a perfect place to hide

Blood seeps from jagged cuts
in the turnstile behind my eyes
losing integral parts
of this ominous machine

Artist Illustrations

2011-05-29 01:32:21 by Spark062

If I get big into spray painting then this will probably be my symbol, refined of course, so look out for it. Also I found out how to make amazing comets so yeaaaaaa.

Artist Illustrations


2011-05-27 19:45:10 by Spark062

Uploaded a new spraypainting. This one dosent have any computer effects so this is nothing but spraypaint and canvass. If you like it let me know. If you don't, let me know more.


New spray paint art

2011-05-24 16:22:20 by Spark062

Just started spray painting planets and what not if you like this one scout me and I'll upload more...I added the lens flare afterward but that is it the rest is all spray paint.

New spray paint art

Taxi Driver Illistration

2011-04-14 07:00:28 by Spark062

Just did a pencil drawing of the cover of the special edition TAXI DRIVER...I messed up the wording and it dosen't really look like De Niro but I think it still looks really good...Please scout me

Taxi Driver Illistration

New artwork...collage

2011-04-06 23:15:17 by Spark062

Just put up a collage of my artwork...check it out...if you like it...well sponsor it

Ahhh Symbolizm

2011-01-19 00:25:49 by Spark062

A great love is like a good memory. When its there, and you know its there but its just out of your reach, it can be all you think about. You can focus on it or try to force it, but the more you do the more you seem to push it away. But if your patient and you hold still then maybe, just maybe, it'll come to you.

Whats Next

2011-01-17 02:35:14 by Spark062

As I look back at my life, my accomplishments and failures, and everything that's happened on this winding journey, I ask myself whats next? Whats over the horizon for my so called being? It sometimes keeps me up at night for you see I have become complacent, albeit bored, and I don't know what footprint to follow, or to leave for that matter, to take my life to the next stage. I almost feel lazy at life itself, although I've been through so much. It almost feels like I've done everything you can do, and in a very short time. But I suppose that is the way most people feel, being the human being disorder. Whatever happens so be it I won't worry to much about it. I'm sure that the next great adventure is just over the horizon, but how far is that horizon and what might I find.

Whats Next

Voice Actor For Hire...

2011-01-05 11:29:46 by Spark062

Hey Guys...just uploaded a can listen here>>> /388362 or just go to my profile... A voice is a dime a dozen ...Its rough and spur of the moment. So if you need a voice I would love to do it.

The Dream 1

2010-12-23 11:43:54 by Spark062

The dream started similar enough, but it soon took a turn for the worst. What I didn't know at the time was that the dream was real, and it was only the mismatched characters that I met who were dreaming. I was in a field with no particular idea of what to do. I was complacent here, albeit bored. As I searched the terrain, I found the edge of a forest. Throughout the tangles of brush and trees, one path stood out. It cut through the dark wood like a deity reaching out for its puppet to do its work. I found myself overcome with a sense of exploration and didn't believe my life would be complete unless I followed this path to wherever it might lead, be it disaster or some life altering lesson. As I started on my journey I noticed that in the sand were the footprints of another man. As I kept walking the footprints seemed to become further and further apart. Finally at one point the footprints ceased to be and were replaced with those of some kind of hooved animal. This disturbed me. No that was impossible the horse must have been walking in the woods next to the man. Once the man got tired of walking he started riding the horse. As I put the idea behind me I continued on my journey. As I walked the sun grew higher in the sky, blistering the back of my neck and making the absence of water ever more present. I listened as hard as I could but could not hear the roar or the trickle or even the drip of water. I became euphoric as I thought this would be the end of me. I almost had given up at ever escaping this place when I saw something in the distance. It was the horse whose footprints I had been following this whole time. I was surprised when I didn't see his rider. I finally approached the beast and in a comforting voice said
"Hey boy where's your master at huh" I should have been surprised but the heat and lack of water had made me totally apathetic to anything that might happen, but any other time I would have screamed when the horse replied
"I am my master boy. I do believe I've been brought here to help you."
"Well horse if you're your own master then what happened to the man that was walking behind you" I asked curiously. He said
"The footprints were my own. As I walked I started to change and when the transformation was complete I forgot all about who I was or where I was going." This stupefied me for it seemed impossible for a man to change into an animal. What kind of world was I in and why was I here.
"What should I call you if not Horse" I asked.
"Call me Brian for although I can't remember anything from my human days I do still remember what the people called me" he replied.
"Well hello Brian, my name is Zaxx, its nice to make your aquantince now if you don't mind I would like to get out of the darkening forest before all kinds of wildlife swarm down upon us."
"Agreed, "said Brian "I've only heard of bad things coming from these woods." (to be continued)