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The rise and fall of the hands that begat the writing on the wall, dripping with blood "Never forget my love."

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A letter that won't be recieved

Posted by Spark062 - December 10th, 2010

I loved only one woman. She had the name of the queens and it was fittingly bestowed upon her. Of course you would never think it looking at her. She had a peirceing in her nose and her hair changed almost as frequently as the night sky on a cool spring evening. I watched it go from blonde to black, even to green once. But every new color brought out a mysterious feeling from inside of me almost as mysterious as the woman herself. I have never felt that feeling before or since. I wonder, thinking about her now if she's thinking back towards me. If maybe she's looking at that full moon and laughing at that silly man in it the same as me.
Of course you wouldn't call our short time together a normal one because she was being courted by another. But at the end of the summer we spent as friends, that other boy did not matter. We shared one night where we left all circumstances at the door and explored our feelings for each other. She gave me an old ring that had been given to her, and I wore that majestic present around my neck. I didn't let it leave my sight until that unfortunate day I was forced to give it back to her. I was following a career opportunity that I could not give up and the fortunes that be made sure to separate us while we were still ahead of the troubles that might have come. But to this day I think about her before I go to bed, and I tell the night air to send the message of everlasting love to her ear. I know in my heart that I will never love another the way that I love her. That makes the burden all the more hard to bare but I will bare it because I have no choice. I love you and nothing can change that.
Goodnight and Sweet Dreams

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